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Residential Closings


Our process is fast and simple. We ensure your closings are done right while wasting no time.
With our depth of experience performing hundreds of closings, resolving disputes in litigation and helping buyers secure the mortgage financing they need, there are few issues we are not experienced with. We help our clients get through every step of the purchase process, all the way to the final preparation and review of the closing statement. 

When you work with Hankin & Pack PLLC, you will have the benefit of working with our lawyers throughout the process. As our client, you will always be able to discuss your concerns with us. By forging strong relationships with our clients, we are able to deliver exceptional representation and service. Our goal in every closing is to help get you through the process efficiently and effectively, allowing you to fully enjoy your new home.

Attention to

We have a one-person-one-file approach providing one contact for each file.

We Handle all
Closing Types

From new condo construction to single-family homes, our attorneys help buyers throughout North Carolina

Business Information

We are a diverse team bound together by an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for excellence. We are more than just attorneys, we are business partners. We are proud to be recognized as one of the top law firms in North Carolina. We help small business owners and startups launch their companies, fund their ongoing activities and serve as their outside general counsel so they can focus on successfully running their business.

Our Workflow & Process

While Hankin & Pack has handled thousands of closings, our attorneys and staff still provide individual attention to the details of each transaction. We have a one-person-one-file approach providing one contact for each file. This is not a closing factory. Our attorneys and staff are accountable and are proud to offer a superior experience compared to a “production-line” closing office.

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For help closing on residential property in North and South Carolina our attorneys can help. We invite you to schedule an initial consultation with us by calling our office at 1-704-912-1299.

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