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Institutional Client Services

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT’s), iBuyers and Lenders.

Local Expertise with a Regional Presence

  • Closing & Title Solutions for the Attorney States – NC, SC, GA 
  • Uniform Closing Processes
  • Customer Service Focused – We recognize the importance of reputation in this industry, which is why we choose to focus on your sellers and agents having a seamless closing experience.    
  • Securitization Services – We can provide title services to any lender and title company for your securitizations at a cost-savings.

Hankin & Pack PLLC was established to address the need for institutional clients to centralize processes, increase operational efficiency and focus heavily on customer experience, while maintaining compliance in each state. We are a full service law firm offering clients a wide variety of real estate services, including residential closings, commercial closings, builder services, document preparation and title services.

We are your solution to remain compliant in the Attorney States to avoid any UPL issues. 

How are we different?

Our focus is on customer experience, processes and local customs. Other Regional Law Firms claim to have a presence in multiple states, but ultimately, lease office space, put a sign up, and fail to develop an understanding of local customs. This leads to a negative customer experience because sellers / listing agents do not want to or are not comfortable with working with an out of state law firm and that law firm does not fully understand the local intricacies of that market.



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